Helping brands achieve their online marketing goals and objectives through strategic planning and execution

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Brand Safety

Our ad servers are integrated with 3rd party software which provides domain transparency and brand protection, preventing ads from displaying where they shouldn't.


We retarget users based on their interests and online behavior, allowing us to serve relevant ads to consumers which have shown interest in particular products.

Real Time Bidding

With the use of RTB technology, advertisers can choose which ad calls to fill based on what they find most effective. This can be done with standard banners, video streams, or mobile ads.

Media Planning

Our media team will assess your marketing initiatives and create a cost-effective media plan that will put your company directly in touch with prospective consumers.


Our proprietary technology (bluClix) is a CPC management tool that analyzes search traffic and appropriately ranks sources in order to map traffic flow efficiently, yielding a higher ROI.

Mobile API

We can integrate with most ad servers for both advertisers and publishers through an API in order to maximize the revenue potential of each ad call.